Covid-19 Protocols

Before attending your massage appointment please ensure that you: have no COVID-19 or current cold/flu symptoms AND that you are aware of and ready to follow the directions as outlined below.

  • Please bring a mask to your treatment if you own one. If you happen to arrive without a mask, I will provide you with one. A mask MUST be worn during the entire treatment and for the duration of your visit inside the Neeve Wellness Centre. I will do the same. 

  • We ask only one person (per therapist) be in the clinic at a time. When you arrive to the building please wait in your car or outside. The clinic doors will be locked, Please call or text me (519-400-3254) for entry and I will meet you at the FRONT door to let you in.

  • You will again be asked some screening questions and have your temperature checked when entering the building.

  • In order to minimize possible areas for contamination, the waiting room will remain closed for use during this time.

  • The bathroom will also be unavailable to visitors, with exceptions for urgent need only.

  • You will be brought directly to the massage therapy treatment room. Please avoid touching any surfaces as much as possible on your way to and from the room. Anything that you do touch will be sanitized.

  • Once we have consulted about your treatment and I leave the room, ALL belongings (clothing, accessories, jewellery, electronics, shoes, jacket etc.) will be placed in the bin provided. This bin will be thoroughly sanitized between treatments. Don’t leave or hang any belongings on the counter, floor, chair or hooks.

  • After clothing and belongings are stored, please sanitize your hands, then go directly to the massage table and lie down as usual. Try to avoid touching anything else in the room but let me know if you inadvertently do once I return to begin the treatment.

  • Your mask MUST remain on for the entire treatment. Please refrain from touching or moving your mask during your time in the building.

  • Please be prepared to pay for your treatment by a contactless method (i.e. debit or credit card with tap, Apple Pay on your phone, direct billing or by e-transfer).

  • Rather than being issued a paper receipt, your receipt will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

  • Once your treatment, rebooking and payment is completed, I will see you out through the front door. 

  • While entering and exiting between the front door and treatment room, be sure to practice social distancing (6ft or 2m) from other visitors and practitioners in the building.

  • In order to maintain the utmost precaution please be aware that: a) both hot stone and cupping massage have been temporarily discontinued; b) my dog Bailey will not be attending the clinic space for the time being; c) all surfaces that you or I come in contact with before, during and after the treatment will be sanitized immediately; and d) I am booking extra time in-between treatments to allow for thorough sanitizing.

  • There will be no charge for last minute cancellations if you are feeling ill or unwell.

  • If you have any questions or concerns I encourage you to reach out to me as early as possible so that we may discuss your visit. I remain committed to your health and safety and I look forward to seeing you soon.